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Mars Crew is a website dedicated to everything and anything that has to do with putting humans on Mars. Different organisations are planning to make a trip to Mars with humans a reality within the next decade. We keep up to date with the developments and share everything we know with you.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect a lot of great information and interesting facts. We take a look at the plans created by NASA, SpaceX and more. We also share the reasons why going to Mars is such a big deal and why it is so difficult to make a reality. We have a strong following that shares their opinions and thoughts and that’s the way we like it. So, you can also expect to find a lot of stimulating conversations and even some debates. Basically, get ready for a fun, informative and entertaining ride.

Our Team

Our team consists of different writers from different fields. Some are researchers, some have a background in science and space, and others write opinion pieces. Together, we research, compile, and share everything we can put our hands on when it comes to Mars.

Our fearless leader is Jonathan Guinn. He has been following space programs all his life. He is a renowned journalist and writer. He makes sure that only the best content gets published and he makes sure that you know what we know.

Our Purpose

Our main purpose is to inform and educate. Sending humans to Mars is a big deal and one that holds many possibilities for future generations. We feel that everyone should know what is going on and how far along we are to making living on Mars a reality. If you are an enthusiast who would like to live on Mars, we educate you on what you will need and what type of person will be able to survive.

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Contribute to Mars Crew

We love hearing from our readers. If you have an opinion to share, interesting information, or inside connections, we need your contribution. Writing for us is a lot of fun and means you get published for the whole world to read. Now that is pretty awesome. For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Mars Crew is excited about what the future holds and we want everyone else to get excited too. The current developments in technology and space may mean that many of us could still see the first human trip to Mars in our lifetime. Most predictions say a few more decades and we are here to ensure that you are updated. If you stick with Mars Crew, you will definitely not miss any exciting new developments.